Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My hair is gone!!!

It has taken me a few days to get to where I can kinda laugh about not having any hair. Wow! It is really freaky. Sometimes I still have a hard time looking in the mirror. It started coming out really good Thursday. Everytime I would touch it, a few strands would come out. By Friday it was worse. I couldn't even sleep well, for fear of turning over and my pillow being covered in hair.
On Saturday my "scrubbing bubbles" cleaning crew showed up to clean my house. Let's just say that my house has never been so clean. After everyone left Saturday night I decided that I didn't want my floors and everything else covered in hair after things were so clean. I also didn't want to go into the next chemo worrying about my hair. So... I enlisted Brady with his clippers to go out back and shave it off. He was realy worried that I was going to be mad at him, but he did it like a pro. I on the other hand cried like a baby. I came inside to take shower to be by myself so that I could cry for a few minutes. I got out of the shower and heard Brady in Kimber's room trying to get her to go to sleep. I had moved some of him shoes in the bedroom from the living room in front of the dresser. I decided that I should move them or someone was going to trip over them and get hurt. I took some to the bathroom closet which is where he keeps his stuff. I came back around the corner to get the other ones and ran into him face to face. He scared me to death. I scared him to death. I started crying and told him that he jumped because I was ugly and bald and he didn't recognize me. I also told him that he thought he had a stranger in him house. He told me the only reason he jumped is because I did. Hmmm....don't know if I believe that. We both stood in the bathroom and cried for several minutes. This was good because we had both been trying to be strong for the other and hadn't really cried in front of each other since it had all started.
I went to church the next day after crying myself to sleep in my new blonde wig. I got lots of compliments, but crap that thing is itchy. I wore another one to work on Monday and found myself in the bathroom most of the day with my wig off scratching my head. You wanna talk about feeling good!!!! Thanks to everyone for your kind words and encouragement!! I couldn't do this without everyone's help!!

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