Thursday, July 8, 2010

My new friends at chemo!

I am kind of backtracking now to make up for the last couple of weeks. I left recovery after having the mass removed and the chemo port put in and headed down the street to start chemo. I wasn't nervous about the surgery but was scared to death of the chemo. Looking back I am glad that I was doped up on morphine. Let's just say it took the edge off of the first. The waiting room is full of people just like me. Looking around I notice that I am obviously the youngest person there. I went right in for some lab work that is routine for every week. I then went to meet with Dr. Baltz. Anyone that knows me knows that my family has tons of support and travels to doctors appointments with an entourage. They allowed everyone that was with me to meet with the doctor to ask all of the crazy questions that one could ask. I was really hoping that my first chemo treatment would be a little private and that I wouldn't have to receive it in the big huge room with watchful eyes. I lucked out a little bit because I got placed in the overflow room that is big enough for 3 chemo patients. I started chemo with 2 gentlemen. One a truck driver that receives chemo every week. Another comes every couple of weeks and has received treatment all over the country. Even doctors in other states highly recommended Dr. Baltz. This guy must be good! After my first 2 friends leave I meet a woman who is being treated for breast cancer. I found out that she is almost finished with her treatments after a much difficult road. Once diagnosed she started chemo and then got scared and ran from the disease for two years. She was one lucky girl. She is going to be ok. Next came in my new ray of sunshine, my new friend Jane. Jane is a 63 year old breast cancer survivor fighting for the second time. She was so bubbly and happy. God knew that I needed her there on my first day. She was such an inspiration to me with lots of words of wisdom. We now see each other every week and are planning our chemo times together. Each week when I go, I see that I am not alone in this battle. The back room is full of people just like me fighting hard to put an end to some horrific disease. It was really hard for me to say, but now I can say that I have cancer. I have what everyone in the world fears the most next to death. Wow!! It has already taken over a little piece of my life but that is all that it is getting. I have said from day 1 that God led me to this and he now will see me thru this. Thanks everyone for your continued love and support!! God Bless!

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