Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My second chemo a little rougher!

I took my second chemo on Tuesday July 13. Blood work was good. I got another A+ from Dr. Baltz. Things are looking good. My port was really swollen for some reason. They drained 30 c.c. of fuid from around it. Wow this made it feel much better. They said it was normal. It was just my body's way of responding to the foreign object placed inside. I was greeted by my new friend Jane. Man I love that woman. She is such a ray of sunshine. Anyway... I went back for chemo. I had just been given my Benadryl to help with the itching along with some steroids. They started one of the chemo drugs and in no time I started feeling real funny. My stomach got this really weird feeling. It took a couple of minutes for me to realize that I was breathing heavy and trying not to get sick. I hollered for one of my nurses and she got me a shot of Ativan and stopped the chemo. Before it got stopped though I had the worse hot flash that I have every had. She explained to me that I was having a reaction to the chemo that is just a fluke thing. The Ativan immidiately stopped the nausea and hot flash. It knocked me out. They started chemo back up and everything was fine. It freaked me out alot though! It also wore me out. I went back today for the rest of my fluids and nausea medicine and my shot. All went well, I was out in 2 hours. I am really tired now. I have already had a couple of naps and getting ready to take another one. Tomorrow and Friday will be my worst days. Thanks again for everyone taking time out to read the garb that goes through my head!

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